How i spend my weekend

There are 60 hours between that 6 p. Friday beer and that 6 a.

How i spend my weekend

After spending five days of assignments and extra curricular activities, we are allowed to take some time off to relax and unwind during the weekends. I can do my all-time-favourite activities during the weekends. During the weekends, I wake up very early as usual. After enjoying a leisurely and savoury breakfast prepared by my maid, I would spend ten minutes reading the entertainment column in the newspaper.

Besides that, I would do some aerobic exercises to keep my body fit. Before I work out, I would cycle around my neighbourhood with my new mountainbike which was purchased by my father five days ago. By the o'clock on Saturdays, to keep in touch with my friends I will normally be on my way to meet them.

I usually do not have lunch at home on Saturdays as I go out with my friends. We will go window shopping and have our meals there too. I prefer eating Kentucky Fried Chicken with my friends compare to eating lunch alone at home as I can talk gags to my friends, we laugh together and have a whale of time at the fast food outlet.

Then, we will continue our shopping trip. All of us are overwhelmed by the elegant clothes and shoes with price tags on them which are displayed in the showcase. My friends and I will normally go out and paint the town red.

Spend Weekend With

Jaywalking around Buaya town is our favourite activity. After that we will surf the web at an internet cafe. We play on-line games and have a blast in the internet cafe.

Then, we will have dinner at Secret Recipe. I can enjoy myself and sit relax in the restaurant.

How i spend my weekend

I would order a cup of coffee and a piece of Tiramisu cake. Laughter filled the air when I am sipping coffee and chatting with my friends. On the other hand, Sundays are always a family affair.

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Unfounded Leonardo misinterpreted his position unexpectedly. Chris Dixon had an interesting post up about what the smartest people do on the weekends. It's quite short but had me thinking as well about what I spend my time on. Further, it had me wondering what other people were doing and how my weekend activities have changed over the years.

Labor Day is here, and that could mean you have an extra day off to add to your normal weekend.. But how should you spend your long weekend? If you're not sure how to make the most of the next few. So Saturday, I got up, made a pot of coffee, got out my tools and my yarn and my project, and went to work.

And now, after having spent most of weekend on the deck of our apartment working one stitch and then another, the project is almost all done.

How i spend my weekend

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Essay on How I Spent My Last Sunday. Article shared by. Sundays are waited for eagerly by most of the people. It is on this day that most of the people, particularly office goers and students, are free to spend the day in the best possible way.

It is because of this that bazaars are full and there is a great rush in buses, hotels and cinema.

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