Harry potter wrapping paper

For years we have searched high and low for the most unique wrapping papers. We wanted to gift presents in a wrap that showed, just how much we care.

Harry potter wrapping paper

Free — I had them at home Wands: Free — I had all the materials at home Potion Decals: Free — I printed at home Printed Hogwarts Crests: Free — I printed at home These supplies were enough to turn my living room into the Great Hall and my kitchen into Diagon Alley.

Because rental kitchens are always too small! Ollivanders I DIYed wands using wooden skewers, hot glue, string, and paint. To achieve this, start wrapping the string around a skewer in the pattern you want.

You may need to wrap multiple layers depending on how much depth you want the wand to have. When you are done, Harry potter wrapping paper the hot glue to secure the string to the skewer.

You can also use hot glue alone to create texture. Simply squeeze random drops all over the skewer. I used a mix of brown, black, white, silver, and gold paints. I was very happy with how realistic the wands turned out. The Ollivanders sign was just poster board and black paint!

Harry potter wrapping paper

I added a little bit of ribbon and some candles to complete the look. Everyone got to stop in the wand shop to start the night. Just remember, the wand chooses the wizard! Honeydukes I will admit that I have an unfair advantage when recreating Honeydukes. Working at a chocolate company gives me access to high quality chocolate all day every day.

A couple times a year, we get to purchase chocolate at a discount and I always stock up. Other theme food included Jelly Slugs gummy wormsthe Herbology Garden a vegetable trayWizard Hats crescent rolls stuffed with pesto and cheeseHufflepuffs Cheetosand MnMs separated into the 4 house colors.

But I made this using black fabric, a sponge, and paint. You make a blend of red, brown, and white paint, dip the sponge in the paint mixture, then make a brick pattern on the fabric.

The platform sign was just printed out on paper and glued to poster board to make it more secure. The Great Hall This was my favorite part of the whole party. It was also the hardest part to create. I had this image in mind when I set out to decorate.

To achieve the look, I used 4 tablecloths from Dollar Tree to make the house banners. Each banner was adorned with a house crest that I simply printed on paper.

Harry potter wrapping paper

I covered one whole wall with these banners. On the other walls, I taped up Harry Potter themed pictures. The ceiling was made using more tablecloths, string lights, and plastic pumpkins.

The first step was to string the lights across the ceiling. I used nailed in hooks. Then I stretched the black tablecloths over the length of the ceiling and used push pins to secure them.

Using more push pins, I hung string from different spots in the ceiling for the pumpkins. For easy removal, I tied the string to paper clips and then clipped each pumpkin into place.7 Harry Potter Craft Ideas & Printables By Kim Layton 4 Comments There are serious Harry Potter fans in my house so I’m always searching for creative ideas to go along with these books.

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The Slytherin || Harry Potter Love Story She opened that one first, ripping off the dirty brown wrapping paper. Inside she found a sweater. She remembered Fred and George tell her about the christmas jumpers they got every year.

It felt surreal to think Mrs. Weasley gave Freddie one now. Our wrapping paper is great for any occasion, & we have thousands of designs to pick ,+ Curated Designs · ,+ Curated Designs · Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Books Harry Potter. Follow/Fav Wrapping Paper. By: IzzyBells. Sometimes you realize you have no wrapping paper when you're doing last-minute gift wrapping at midnight. Usually this calls for either a Walmart run or a Walgreens run or a dollar store run.

The dollar store happens to be closest. The dollar store happens to have a single register open. Celestefrittata bookbinding. The website is under maintenance, it will be back soon.

Meanwhile you can visit my shop. These Harry Potter Sorting Hats sing and dance around, the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan!" Target Is Selling Matching Family Suits That Are Basically Head-to-Toe Wrapping Paper, So You.

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