Graphics coursework specification

Edexcel design and technology coursework examples.

Graphics coursework specification

Ms S Begum Introduction Computing covers how computers and computer systems work, how they are designed and programmed and also the way in which we use computers in the real world.

The Computing and Business department is staffed by lively and enthusiastic teachers whose aim is to enable pupils to become confident, capable and autonomous users and developers of computer systems.

We want our Graphics coursework specification to understand the benefits to themselves of using computer systems in different contexts and also the issues that can arise with the use of computer systems in society.

Basically the aim ofmsc-ks4technology – GCSE Graphics courseworkWelcome to GCSE Graphics Coursework Guide Getting started look at the following link to get some ideas for good graphic projects And here is a great link:Gcse Graphics Coursework Help/10 · GCSE Graphic specification tips – · PDF fileGCSE Graphic. We’ve refreshed and enhanced the content of our new GCSE, while retaining what you like about the outgoing specifications. The new qualification is modern and relevant, so students can learn about contemporary technologies, materials and processes, as well as established practices. AQA Design and Technology GCSE Resistant Materials Unit 2: Controlled Assessment The controlled assessment (coursework) counts for 60% of the overall grade, and is in the form of a design and make project which students select from a range of tasks set by the exam board.

They will thus be equipped to make safe and sensible choices. Throughout Key Stages 3 and 4 pupils learn about real life systems and develop their understanding about how these are created, how they are used and what the benefits and disadvantages of such systems are.

Pupils develop their skills in programming and range of software applications and create their own solutions to given situations by applying the skills and knowledge that they have developed. Key Stage 3 Computing All pupils study Computing for 1 hour a week developing more advanced skills and greater depth of understanding as they move through the key stage.

Year 7 Interactive quiz — using visual basic to program in PowerPoint Programming and games — understanding how control and programming is used in the real world and programming using Scratch Making music — editing music using Audacity Networks — learning how networks work Creating an App using html Year 8 E-safety, digital communications and the social implications of ICT Programming with Python Processing data — how computers code and use data Creating animations.GRAPHICS (OCR J) involves designing and making, but you will be working with 'lighter' materials, such as paper, card, and thinner plastic sheet.

Graphics coursework specification

You are likely to be based more in the Design Rooms, although you will still use the workshop. Link to OCR Graphics Specification +. Sep 13,  · Disastrous results: coursework moderated down by two whole grades (24 marks). AQA GCSE Graphics - moderated down by two grades - any advice?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by keffels, Sep 6, The exact same happened to us with the New Art GCSE Specification. We can ask for a re-moderation at a price - ask your exams.

Jul 19,  · GCSE Graphics coursework: Children's activity pack - which one is best for year olds?Status: Resolved.


OCR graphics, coursework counts for 60% and exam counts for 40%.Example of the OCR coursework at A grade. Example of the design graphics coursework, the product would be diferant for your product which you 2, .

Brief/initial Specification Development: Possible materials Confirmation of the problem: Questionnaire or case study results. Development: Concept Modelling Problem and analysis (with Photos/drawings) √ Section √ Section Coursework Checklist Check regularly that you are completing the things on this page Describe the problem Who is affected.

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GCSE graphics coursework documents – Below is a range of useful documents for pupils currently taking GCSE graphics. The main documents for your graphics coursework. Example shopfront A GCSE Coursework Example 2 – SlideShare A GCSE Coursework Example.

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