Essay on how to control your anger

Anger By Linda Pastan - words The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word anger, a noun physical affliction or pain; inflammatory state of any part of the body. Then defines anger, a verb to distress, trouble, vex, hurt, wound.

Essay on how to control your anger

Read More Have you ever looked at the role stress has in anger? Many people say that stress is more prevalent today than 20 years ago. Likewise, others say there is more anger road rage, workplace violence, and so on. Stress can certainly create a variety of problems.

If you are prone to anger, then stress will likely increase your angry behaviors. Stress is healthy when controlled. Healthy stress Eustress is what gets us out of bed in the morning and makes us pay attention to the details throughout our day. This type of stress does not cause anger or irritability.

This happens when the stress is too much and is no longer a motivator. You can think of this as when there is a combination of stressors and things just keep piling up.

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One day, the person does not know how to handle this anymore and there is an anger outburst. What feeling is behind stress? I have asked the same question about anger in a previous article. When you are feeling either stressed or angry, there is some other feeling that is fueling this.

The Link Between Anger and Stress - Anger Management, Anxiety Attacks & Social Anxiety Disorder

Often, it is being overwhelmed, feeling disrespected, helpless, fearful and so on. It is very important to look at the feelings behind the stress to better understand why you are having this reaction. Once this insight is gained, then steps may be taken to relax and feel much better.

Once you have identified the feelings and thoughts associated with your stress, take a look at your environment.

Anger is an emotion that, we can some what control. It's a negative experience so closely bound to pain and depression that it can sometimes be hard to know where one of 3/5(1). Essay/Term paper: Anger management and health Essay, term paper, research paper: Science Reports have psychology, also, a number of exercises have been developed to control and eventually reduce stress and anger. One basic technique is called deep breathing: Lie down on your back, placing one hand on your chest and another on. Anger management has been used to prevent the occurrence or recurrence of family violence, including child abuse, elder abuse, and domestic violence, often under the .

Do you live in a chaotic home environment or perhaps a have a work environment that is adding your stress? When you identify your environmental stressors, take some time to identify ways to limit these stresses in addition to changing the ways you are thinking.

Substances that often increase stress and anger:The best way to manage anger issues is to attend anger management classes or to see a counselor specializing in anger management. Identifying the causes of your anger issues will serve as the best chance to learn how to control your anger better and live a healthier life.

The Link Between Anger and Stress. Buck Black, LCSW By Buck Black, LCSW. If you allow others to make you stressed, you are allowing them to control you.

Do you really want others pulling your strings? Look at stress as a test. Do you want to fail that test by getting stressed out?

Essay on how to control your anger

Jun 28,  · ways to control anger: counting to ten, taking deep breaths, scribbling with a crayon, just walking away, punch a punching bag Goals: write down the names of a few people that have made you angry then write down something you could have done Resolved.

Anger is a normal emotion, but when not expressed appropriately, it can quickly get out of control. However, many strategies are available to help deal with anger before this happens. Take healthy measures to control your anxiety like meditation, yoga, exercise, professional help, or even reading.

If your anger and anxiety go hand in hand, you'll find that working on one will. As you do this recognise how these triggers have controlled you, because they do – you encounter the trigger and off you go – on automatic pilot, out of control, ruled by your emotions.

Start making an on-going list of all the triggers that spark you off.

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