Cinestory screenwriting awards

Many screenwriters got their big breaks from winning screenwriting contests, but there are so many out there it can be hard to know which are duds and which might kick-start your career. Not all screenwriting contests are created equal. Rather than spending a small fortune sending your screenplay off to a dozen competitions, do some thorough research and be super selective on which ones you enter.

Cinestory screenwriting awards

Top 10 Screenplay Contests What script contests are worth entering? The film industry is an incredibly competitive environment, especially for screenwriters. In order to get noticed when you have a lot of passion but no connections, it is necessary to know about the best screenplay competitions for your needs and aspirations.

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Whether your main goal is practicing with industry experts or seeing your own script being produced into a movie, there is probably a competition catered for writers like you. These are the 10 best screenplay contests that are worth taking a look at: It is entered by thousands of aspiring writers every year and the prizes are the most fought after in the industry.

Fellowships are awarded to amateur screenwriters too, who are expected to use them to write a screenplay and take part in various workshops, seminars and events. The deadlines for this competition have not been revealed, although they are usually in April or May. The admin team has a focus on multicultural elements and a clear mission: The risk-taking judges evaluate four different categories of work: Talented writers that have been discovered in the competition include Joshua Marston and Nicole Kassel.

The genre-based contests give writers the possibility to find connections with film executives and producers and they are created with genre in mind, avoiding any kind of bias.

Winners of the competitions have gained representation at companies like The Sundance Institute, Paradigm and 3 Arts Entertainment. It is not only one of the most recognised competitions in the industry, but one with the highest rates of big-budget productions by its finalists.

A contest started as a collaboration between writers and the film finance companies and fund managers in Los Angeles and abroad that are usually unreachable without a powerful agent or studio first look deal. Now you have the chance to be read by investors actively looking to greenlight your script.

Its connections with top companies like Paradigm and the impressive outcomes of its participants are some of the reasons why this contest is one of the most prestigious of the West Coast film industry.

Founded by the legendary Meryl Streep, only 12 writers are selected for an intensive retreat with professional filmmakers, taking part in exclusive workshops and events.

The strength of female networking for those that win the highly competitive writing retreats is a draw for this target demographic.

Women that may have moved from other industries into writing at a midpoint career change level, have a chance to work with other talented women in sharing their ideas and even working together as they take their time to develop feature length story lines.

They have reader and review workshops that aim to further the writers growth and eventually prepare them to attempt to venture out on their own and seek producers or others that may help further their projects.

It is not only one of the most prestigious contests for screenwriting, but it also provides written analysis for every script that is submitted.Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Second Place - Comedy Pinch Hitter, CineStory Screenwriters Competition Semifinalists Girl On Main, Christine Hinz About NYC Screenwriters Collective February 26, AM Victoria A.

>> CineStory Announces Competition Winners Three screenplays have been selected from 1, entries as winners in the third annual CineStory Screenwriters Awards. Done Deal Pro tracks the film and television script sales made in Hollywood each day, along with the various book, treatment, & pitch sales and options too; in addition the site provides agent, manager & producer contact info, a writers job board, sales archive, screenwriting advice, examples, columns, contests, and more all in an advanced.

CineStory is a U.S Non-Profit dedicated to nurturing emerging screenwriters through mentorship programs.

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Winners of our competition have gone on to pen films such as CAKE, IRON MAN, THE CHILDREN OF MEN, BALLAST, KING OF CALIFORNIA and The CineStory Foundation has always believed in helping writers find their voice. Awards and Accolades.

ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Semi-Finalist. Final Draft Big Break Competition Quarterfinalist. UCLA Nate Wilson Joie De Vivre Honorable Mention. CineStory Third Place – Television / Digital Media Comedy Spec.

CineStory Quarterfinalist – Television / Digital Media Pilot. Sartor subsequently got a UCLA MFA in Screenwriting, had one of her original screenplays made into a Lifetime MOW, worked on projects with various production companies, and since , has helped run CineStory, a screenwriting non-profit dedicated to developing emerging screenwriters through mentorship and writers retreats.

cinestory screenwriting awards
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